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Comfort Height Toilets

Comfort height toilet installation in Daytona Beach

Do you have elderly or perhaps a disabled member at home who often experience extreme back and joint pain when using your toilet?

While there is absolutely nothing wrong about your toilet, perhaps you have invested in a wrong size toilet not designed to meet the needs of older and disabled users.

It goes without saying that a toilet unit is the single most important piece of appliance in your home. And although at first, you might not be aware of many available choices concerning their size and features, thanks to the growing awareness and sensitivity towards elderly and disabled people, comfort level toilets have, in recent years, gained a lot of attention around the world.

Why Should You Consider A Comfort Height Toilet?

1. Height:

Toilet seat height is the most influential factor in determining its comfort of use. A toilet that is sufficiently high enables its users to sit and stand comfortably, thus making it a perfect choice for the elderly and people with impaired mobility.

Comfort-height toilets, otherwise known as ADA-compliant toilets, feature seating heights ranging from 17 to 19 inches relative to the floor, approximately 2 to 4 inches higher than standard toilets. Your choice of comfort level toilet should be based on the physical needs and height of your family member, and before making any purchasing decision, you should definitely consider engaging with professionals. American Plumbing and Repair has extensive experience and expertise in a broad range of ADA-compliant toilet solutions and is committed to providing you with a professional, reliable, and memorable service experience.

2. Installation

Just because you benefit from extra comfort doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on installing a comfort height toilet. however, for many homeowners, it can be a tedious process. That’s why it’s always advisable to consult a professional in this regard. In addition to helping you simplify the installation process and provide you with a more streamlined and expedited service, professional plumbing companies such as American Plumbing and Repair offer affordable plumbing solutions aimed at providing an exceptional result.

Who to Hire for All Your Plumbing, Installation, and Comfort Level Toilet Needs?

Plumbers in Daytona Beach, Florida, are in abundance, with all claiming to be the best, affordable and experienced. So, who should you choose?

As a responsible homeowner, you’ll always want what’s best for your home and for your family members.

At American Plumbing and Repair, where your plumbing and installation is our top priority, you’re in the clear by having professional plumbers who know their trade and are always striving to meet their customer’s satisfaction. With decades of combined experience servicing residents and businesses operating in Daytona Beach, we understand the intricacies of customer-focused service. Every unit we sell comes with a one-year limited warranty. All of our services are also covered by our comprehensive customer warranty policy.

If you need a professional plumber in Daytona Beach, contact our customer service representatives today to find out more about our full range of plumbing products and services.

Ready to discuss a comfort height toilet for your home?