Servicing, Repairing and Replacement of Plumbing Fixtures and Piping
We service all your plumbing fixtures: kitchen and lavoratory faucets, all types of kitchen sinks and lavatories, garbage disposals, dishwasher and ice-maker supply piping, hose bibs, washing machine water and drain connections, toilets, urinals, bathtubs, shower drains and pans, tub and shower valves, hot and cold water piping and waste piping. When these items cannot be repaired, we can replace them.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel
We will work with the contractor, homeowner or agent for homeowner on all phases of work to be performed. Work will be coordinated to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship with the least amount of inconvenience to the homeowner.

Repiping of Water and/or Waste Piping
When replacement of water piping is needed due to low water pressure, repeated slab leaks or leaks in walls, we will strive to install new water piping in accessible attics, crawl spaces and walls. Piping will be insulated when necessary and installed to all local and state plumbing codes. Piping is usually recommended to start at the water meter and piped through out the entire system. Sewer (waste) piping will be replace when conditions are warranted due to broken or corroded piping or piping that no longer flows due to tree roots entering pipes or raising the pipe.

Slab Leaks
Leaks in the water piping below the concrete slab are usually caused by the corrosive action of the water, soil or concrete on the water piping. When leaks occur, we try to pinpoint the area and remove concrete as needed to make the repair. When continued leaks occur, we will reroute piping as needed.

Water Heaters
Most water heaters carry a five or six year warranty. We recommend replacing your water heater if it is over ten years old rather than repairing it when a problem arises. Newer water heaters are more efficient and therefore cost less to operate than older heaters. We install all sizes of residential and commercial water heaters both gas and electric.

Backflow Preventors
In order to comply with state and federal clean water acts, most commercial and some residential water services are required to have a device installed to prevent the backflow of water to the water source. This device is usually installed as close to the water meter as possible. We can provide all the permits and testing required to install and maintain these devices.

Sewer Camera
When main line sewer stoppages keep occurring it may necessary to use a video camera to go inside the pipe and see what is causing the problem. We have the equipment to make a video tape for the customer showing the inside of the pipe. Video will show if the pipe has back fall, breaks, roots or other problems causing the system to fail. We can also pinpoint where the location of the problem is to prevent any unnecessary digging or concrete removal needed in order to make the repair.

Sewer Cleaning and Jetting
We have the equipment to clear stoppages in drain pipes throughout your home and property. We also have the capacity to use our high pressure jetter to flush out pipes that build up with grease and debris.

ADA Bathroom and Conversions
Have a commercial property that needs to have access for handicap persons?
Have a family member that has additional needs for accessing the bathroom fixtures?
We have the know how to help design and install your bathroom equipped with fixtures for your ADA needs. Whether you need a simple grab bar, a taller toilet or a whole bathroom makeover, we can take care of your needs.



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